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Effortlessly Design and Streamline GPT and Stable Diffusion Prompts with Vidura's Advanced Prompt Management System (PMS)

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Why Vidura ?

Vidura: The Ultimate Prompt Manager for All Your Generative AI Needs. Seamlessly navigate through prompts for text-to-text, text-to-image, text-to-speech, and text-to-music platforms. Easily search, label, and replicate your prompts to enhance productivity. Experience our Vidura Cloud – a robust hosted platform for prompt creation, where setting up an account is a matter of seconds. Prompts act as the foundation for AI generation – making it critical to save, apply version control, and synchronize with various systems. Visualize Vidura as a hyper-empowered Content Management System (CMS) designed exclusively for prompts.

Prompt Engineering

Art. Language. Whisper.

Prompt engineering is an emerging domain where prompt engineers write prompts to get different types of output from AI systems.

If people are given the right tools to work with AI, content generation takes off.

Vidura (Prompt Management System)
  • GPT
  • BARD
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Midjourney
  • Coqui
  • elevenlabs


Add prompt categories

Effortlessly create new categories or browse existing ones to organize your prompts. A prompt saved without a category is more likely to get lost. A category is like a bucket of ideas you want to generate, for example, name a category Coding to store all your coding prompts.

Thumbrule: If you can't see a new prompt fitting in any of existing categories, create a new one.

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Create new prompts

Vidura includes a user-friendly text editor that utilizes native spell check capabilities, featuring a sleek design. One can add custom labels to attach meta data to a given prompt. A prompt type can be selected while creating a prompt. Currently Text and Image are supported.

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Generate content with AI

Once a category and prompt are created, you can click on a prompt and test a given prompt. For ex: You can ask AI to generate a bloom filter algorithm or suggest a mediterranain recipe. You can modify the prompt, and re-test to obtain better results. That's how you can iteratively improve your prompt response. Vidura is backed by a combination of AI systems that ensures you a better response that is indifferent to a human. One can even generate images like shown in the adjacent picture.

Thumbrule: Set context for AI in your prompts. Be more explicit when you ask a question


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Vidura Community

Discover exciting new text and image prompts shared in the Vidura community, and you can earn more Karma points by sharing your favorites. For that, while creating a prompt in a public category, select "Share to Vidura community" checkbox.

User Groups

You can share sensitive prompts with a specific set of users using Vidura user groups. Groups lets you cherry pick categories to share to a given group. The permissions are managed by the admins of groups with fine-grained prompt policies available

Our vision

Vidura's goal is to make AI prompts readable for both humans and machines. Our vision is to empower AI users to be more productive without compromising on User Experience (UX).

Vidura in Sanskrit means "wise, intelligent, clever, smart, skilled, or learned".

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