Elevate your Generative AI experience with Vidura

Compose and run all your AI prompts in one single place. Don't just generate AI responses, organize, share and export them.

  • Simplest way to generate Text and Image with AI
  • One stop solution for managing your AI prompts
  • Categorize & Search your prompts
  • Built-in prompt templates for common tasks
  • Explore community-shared prompts
  • Export text AI responses to PDF & Word
Vidura hero image
A white and orange tabby cat is seen happily darting through a dense garden, as if chasing something. Its eyes are wide and happy as it jogs forward, scanning the branches, flowers, and leaves as it walks. The path is narrow as it makes its way between all the plants. the scene is captured from a ground-level angle, following the cat closely, giving a low and intimate perspective. The image is cinematic with warm tones and a grainy texture. The scattered daylight between the leaves and plants above creates a warm contrast, accentuating the cat’s orange fur. The shot is clear and sharp, with a shallow depth of field.

-- Generated by Vidura Cloud

Why Vidura ?

Generative AI output isn't perfect. It's often experimental, and takes multiple attempts to nail the desired outcome. Even then, you need to edit & improve the response for final use.

Vidura is a prompt management system which is integrated by default with multiple AI systems (Text to Text, Text to Image etc). It's a one stop solution for managing your prompts as well as responses. Vidura is designed to be a productivity tool for Generative AI users.
Moreover, we believe you need a platform to incrementally learn how to communicate with AI. Vidura cloud is a community-driven platform where you can share your best prompts with others without leaving Vidura Platform. You can also discover new prompts and learn from others about prompting.


Create categories for your AI prompts

- Effortlessly create new categories for your prompts.

- Rename or delete if you want to cleanup unwanted categories.

Feature Image
Feature Image
Create new prompts with Quick Templates

- In Vidura, you can easily create a text or image type prompts.

- Add Labels to add contextual information to prompts.

- Make use of "Quick Templates" if you want ideas for common tasks.

Generate Content In Seconds

Once a category and prompt are created, you can click on a prompt and start generating responses.

- Use prompt controls to change the characteristic of a prompt.


Edit Text prompt


Edit Image prompt

Audit Prompt History

It is vital to compare multiple prompt response generation experiments.

"Prompt Run History" will help you compare multiple runs.

Use Dynamic Prompting

Use the same prompt to generate multiple text/image responses using Vidura Dynamic Prompting.

Access Vidura Community

Explore Vidura community dashboard to discover cool new prompts and checkout the Leader board.

Share Prompts Securely with Selected

Sharing prompts is much more than copy-pasting.

- Use Vidura "User Groups" to add members and share a specific set of categories securely to a list of members.

- Remember to secure your prompts by sharing it with right people!

Our vision

Vidura's goal is to make Generative AI accessible for wider audience in best possible way. There are plethora of AI systems already available, but we want to bring them together without compromising on User Experience (UX) and extensibility.

Vidura in Sanskrit means "wise, intelligent, clever, smart, skilled, or learned".

Have questions or feedback ? Write to us: contact@vidura.ai

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